W e d d i n g   F i l m s

Arina & Ankit

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, two hearts destined for each other, Arina & Ankit had a detailed wedding at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach. Some of the many aspects of this beautiful wedding include the enormous floral wedding arch, hanging fairy lights, colorful floral centerpieces, and romantic candles. Faena Hotel Miami Beach was the perfect venue for this gorgeous event with its expansive event spaces and romantic atmosphere.

The height of it all was when Arina was walking away spreading happiness and prosperity by taking handfuls of rice and coins to be directly thrown over her head to show her appreciation for the time and love given to her in the home of her parents.

The two hearts are now one and they will live happily ever after.

Sara & Michael

When it comes to the matters of the heart, there is no question of time, distance or space. You have no control over falling in love. But, there are people around you that end up being the cupid and make you find your soul mate. 

A match suggested by a cousin, the love story of Sara and Michael began with a casual DM. Being a gentleman that he is, Michael actually calculated the difference in time zone to send a DM that should be received as a thoughtful midafternoon note in Israel. To his luck, it worked, and so began the love story of Sara and Michael.

The next step of Sara and Michael’s relationship was a trip together to Nashville, and the rest is history!

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N i c o l e  &  B r a n d o n

Nicole and Brandon met in high school, after 10 years of relationship they decided to tie the knot.

They have a deep connection with Mother Nature,  and they wanted their Big day to reflect who they are so they decided to have a rustic backyard wedding in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, FL. 

W e n d y  &  A l e j a n d r o

Wendy and Alejandro are good friends of mine so I was excited to film their wedding! They are both Cubans, As you might know, Cubans have a happy soul, and both families together made this special day an unforgettable one. They had a beautiful wedding at Vignette Gardens in Miami, FL. Outdoor ceremony and reception. 

T i f f a n y  &  J a m e s

A beautiful American girl from Jacksonville goes to the Florida Keys on vacation and meets a handsome British boy who was also on vacation. They fall in love, she moves to England, and after two years of relationship, they come back to the same place where everything stared at the Florida Keys to tie the knot. So she brings her American friends and family and he brings his British friends and family, check what happened on their wedding video.

J e s s i c a  &  N e y s e r

On her 21st birthday, Jessica decided to celebrate it big with her friends, so they decided to head out and have a girl's night out. What Jessica didn't expect was that she was going to meet the love of her life Neyser. The best love is unexpected. Seven years later they got married in Homestead, FL.