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About us

You will not find a more dedicated team to document your wedding day. South Florida Wedding Studio has the clients best interest at heart. Since 2010 the Creative Directors, photographers and videographers at South Florida Wedding Studio have been shooting, filming, cropping, formatting and binding together love stories.

It’s in the in between times that we find the magic. We know you fell in love through glances, subtle gestures, the way his hand fell here or her hair landed there. You remember the first time she wore that perfume and the way he reacted to the first “I love you.” It was an embrace, a laugh, a shared silence that brought you, through so many ups and downs, to where you are now. You’ve made the decision to celebrate all the big and small ways in which you are committed to making your “I love you” into your “for as long as we both shall live.”

We’re here to capture your inimitable story: From your father’s stare, to the bridesmaid’s joy, to the jewel sewn into the fabric that was passed down for generations especially for you. This is the beginning of a story that can only be told because the two of you fell in love.

That is why we get to know you. We spend time with you to make your engagement shoot uniquely and distinctly yours. Your wedding day will be documented by an amazing team of photographers and videographers. Combined with the imagination of our creative directors who live for the fairytales and a team with years of professional experience, your album will be a cherished keepsake that you will fall in love with a week from now and on your golden anniversary.


Pablo Luis



Gina Urruela
 Creative Director

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