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Palm Beach - Fort Lauderdale  -  Miami.


South Florida Wedding Studios provides timeless photography for weddings in Florida, Europe, and other exquisite destinations around the world.

O U R   S T O R Y

We are known for documenting the beauty, love, and full range of emotions inherent in every event.

South Florida Wedding Studio is not just a team of creatives; we are storytellers dedicated to preserving and immortalizing the most cherished moments of your special day. With a wealth of experience and a passion for our craft, we have honed our skills over the years, mastering the art of capturing your love story in a way that is both flawless and naturally stylish.

We understand the significance of your wedding day, and we are committed to delivering not just photographs and videos, but emotional treasures that encapsulate the essence of your love story. Our mission is to provide you with a visual masterpiece that captures the magic, emotion, and beauty of your unique journey together. It would be an honor for us to transform your wedding into an enduring work of art, celebrating your love most elegantly and genuinely possible.

F O U N D E R 


Hello there! I'm Gina Urruela, and I've always been driven by my passion for the world of art. My artistic journey has taken me through various stages of life, each contributing to my love for creative expression.


​My artistic odyssey commenced at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, where I had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of theater, gaining a profound understanding, and forming deep connections with every aspect of the performing arts. This foundation fueled my creative spirit and set the stage for what was to come.​


My quest for artistic excellence led me to college, where I pursued a degree in Filmmaking and Video Production. This transformative experience provided me with the tools to craft captivating scenes, taking into account elements such as lighting, storytelling, and set design. It was during this time that I truly fell in love with the entire creative process.


​I embarked on my professional journey as a videographer and photographer, specializing in capturing the magic of weddings. This chapter in my career allowed me to cultivate a keen eye for capturing perfect moments. Alongside my exceptional team, we meticulously craft well-planned, breathtaking visual stories. Our dedication to making couples' dreams come true goes beyond mere professionalism; it's a heartfelt commitment.​


Today, I am proud to be the driving force behind South Florida's premier Proposal Event Planner. With a dynamic team of talented photographers, videographers, and planning production experts, we're dedicated to capturing every moment from the "yes" to the "I do." Our passion for creating lasting memories knows no bounds, and we're here to turn your special moments into cherished stories.​Join us on this artistic journey, where every frame tells a story, and every event becomes a work of art.


Welcome to the world of Gina Urruela and South Florida's finest event planning, photography, and videography team.

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