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How much does Wedding Videography Cost

In every bride’s life there comes a time where you and your fiancé need to make a choice of having a wedding videographer on your wedding day or not.

This choice is already very hard let alone deciding who to hire. In this post we explain what you would be receiving if you hired a wedding videographer or a wedding videography team in different price ranges.

Like many other things choosing your videography team or solo videographer is very personal. These are some things to take into account when looking at different wedding videography vendors:




Location (where are they based?)

All of these details make up the cost of getting a wedding videographer.

This price guide is only detailing prices of individual videographers not packages.

Here is our breakdown of pricing a wedding videographer:

$ ($500-1500) : In this price range you will usually be hiring videographers who can be experienced in videography, but don’t have a lot of wedding experience.

Hiring these videographers you may encounter some problems like the videographers not capturing your grand entrance or first dance due to the lack of experience in weddings.

This is the most affordable option (besides having your uncle hold a camcorder). These videographers are usually found near you or your venue.

$$ ($1500-3000) - This price range includes professional wedding videographers who do simple coverage on a decent level; most lack creativity.

Their weddings follow the same wedding video template and have very similar shots and angles.

These videographers are usually found near you or your venue.

$$$ ($3000-5000) - This set of professional wedding videographers have a creative approach. They dedicate more time to each client, and work on refining their art. They have had an adequate amount of experience with different types of weddings.

These wedding videographers will also have great gear that allows them to move through your wedding fast and easy (No clunky gear that gets in their way).

Their body of work looks more like films rather than basic wedding video. These videographers are usually found near you or your venue but can also do destination weddings.

$$$$ ($6000+) - Videographers at this high of a price range are high-end wedding videographers who shoot upscale weddings (usually celebrity or 500+ guest weddings) with a lot of actual crew members.

These videographers have the highest image quality, but not the most creative approach due to the size of the gear they have (ie large heavy cameras and movie set cranes).

Although the saying “the bigger the better” is intriguing the coverage you may be getting will not have the most cinematic approach it will probably be more documentarian (like your uncle holding a camcorder but x5000).

These videographers also usually just do destination weddings.


We are South Florida Wedding Studio, a Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography company based in Miami. Having Videographers and Photographers on our team, allows us to achieve great results consistently. Our approach is to get to know our couples on a personal level. Connecting with our clients allows us to tell their stories in a symbolic and unique way. The passion and experience we have, combined with our efficiency and professionalism, enables us to create timeless images and videos.


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