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Posing at an Engagement Photoshoot

What do I do with my hands? Where should I look? Do I look at you? Should I smile? This is my good side. I feel awkward. I've never done this before. This is going to be tough.

Plus a hundred other things that clients say at the beginning of an engagement shoot.

Fortunately, you've hired us, and we know what we're doing and how to make you look comfortable and great. We know all the tricks, all the angles, all the poses, how to crack just the right knock knock joke to get a laugh, just the right light, just the right shadow.

Don't believe me - just watch!

More often than not, a nice tight embrace does the trick.

Find out what foreheads are really for; kissing and touching.

Wrap your arms around each other and feel that warm embrace.

Let loose and have a little fun.

Laughs, jokes, piggy-backs and just being yourself is the best way to get the best shot!

Oh. And don't forget to kiss!


We are South Florida Wedding Studio, a Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography company based in Miami. Having Videographers and Photographers on our team, allows us to achieve great results consistently. Our approach is to get to know our couples on a personal level. Connecting with our clients allows us to tell their stories in a symbolic and unique way. The passion and experience we have, combined with our efficiency and professionalism, enables us to create timeless images and videos.


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