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Outfits for an engagement shoot | Engagement tips

Congratulations! You are engaged to your partner and now you want the world to know.

You have booked your photographer and your engagement photoshoot date.

You're looking at your closet and suddenly realize "What am I supposed to wear?!"

In this post we will suggest some outfits that work well for engagement photoshoots.

The first thing to help you decide your wardrobe is to narrow down what your style is. Are you low-key relaxed or are you both the type to get all fancy?

The next thing to remember when deciding your engagement photoshoot outfits is where you and your photographer will be taking photos? Are you doing a beach engagement shoot? Or will you and your partner going to be walking through the urban jungle? Location can help you dictate what to wear to your engagement shoot!

Lastly, we usually do a two-look engagement shoot. A 'look' means outfit change. Often times it is one casual outfit and one semi-formal outfit. It's nice to have two looks to choose from. It will give totally different vibes.

With those first tips in mind, here are outfit examples that we think #nailedit.




fall colors (e.g. green, brown, dark orange, etc),

monochromatic colors (i.e. different hues of the same color - he wears a green shirt, you wear a green shirt that's a different tone).

Minimal accessories (bracelets, necklaces, hats, etc). NO Black


Neon/bright colors




This shoot is about you guys. So bring your own style and flair to it. Make sure you're comfortable (meaning don't wear something you may feel self-conscious about). It's also a chance to wear some stuff you may not usually wear. Go all out!


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