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Top 5 Bridal Party Poses | Photography Tips

Okay ladies (or gentleman), now let's get in formation! The time has come for you and your bridal party to get in front of the camera. In this post we will list our 5 favorite poses for bridal parties.


This is our absolute favorite pose. Here you and your bridal party have the chance to give us the ultimate blue steel moment. We get everyone to use levels and angles to create the ultimate bridal party boss photo. There is something about this style that sets it apart from the normal bridal party formal shots.


  • Arrange bridal party in a symmetrical but scattered pattern (same amount of people on either side but no particular structure).

  • Look straight at your photographer's camera.

  • Give your best model face.


In this pose you and your bridal party can capture beautiful details, e.g. bouquets, suits, dresses and location.


  • When doing the entire bridal party you can alternate bridesmaids and groomsmen.

  • Bridal party stand shoulder to shoulder.

  • Bride and Groom stand in the middle.


This is for the calm before the storm. The warm up before game time. If you and your bridal party plan on having drinks before heading out for your first look or have matching bridesmaid robes, these are great to implement in your day!


  • Posing for this can actually vary, but the most important thing to remember for this is to get it during your preparation.

  • If you have matching bridesmaid robes- Get a nice formal portrait of both candid and smiling together.

  • If you and your grooms and bridesmaids are having a drink- make a toast and cheers.

Pose 4 - CARRY ON

This posing lets you and your bridal party let off some steam and get a little bicep workout.


  • Group your bridesmaids with your groom and your groomsmen with your bride.

  • Brace yourselves.

  • Let your photographer capture the terror in your eyes and the fun in bridal party's faces.

Pose 5 - FLYING V

This pose is a great way to capture your bridal party. You and your bridal party can use different methods to achieve this pose.


  • The goal is to form a V.

  • You can use staircases to form the V shape.

  • Have some bridesmaids and groomsmen sitting and standing to create the V.

We hope that this post help you feel inspired! Remember, just have fun!


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